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Do you need your commercial flat roof inspected for leaks or damage? Are you concerned that your roofing materials is past its prime? At Sacramento Flat Roofing, we specialize in commercial roof repair and restoration. Without a doubt, we can easily send out a contractor to help you with any of your roofing needs!

Sacramento Flat Roofing is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all of your flat roofing needs in and around Sacramento, California! Our Flat Roof Contractor can help with any flat roof replacement or repair needs you may encounter. Not only do we provide quality service, our team of experts is prepared to answer all of your questions and get started working for you! At Sacramento Roofing, our priority is to be the best at what we do. Not only do we want to be the best in flat roofing, but to also be the best in customer service for our neighbors. We hold to a high standard of quality, safety, and performance. Because of this, we at Sacramento Flat Roofing are the Flat Roof professionals for your project.

Why We Do What We Do

Sacramento Flat Roofing experts have pursued this industry because of their passion for flat roofs. In most cases, our Flat Roof Contractor can easily locate a leak or a problem area and get it fixed quickly. Furthermore, we began in this industry in 2003. We have acquired over a decade of experience, meaning that we are experts at detecting issues.

No matter your flat roofing needs, we can exceed all expectations. Whether your project is a new construction or a roof restoration, we can work with you to deliver a complete silicone coating system that is easy to specify and install. Over the years, we combined the very best materials with our fine workmanship to produce quality flat roofs and satisfied customers in the Sacramento, California area. Our Flat Roof Contractors always commit to providing the best workmanship for our customers.

Sacramento Flat Roofing: Our Mission

As a flat roofing company, our goal is to provide excellent quality flat roofing service to business owners in the Sacramento, California area. We only use the best materials and methods for all of our roofing practices. Our contractors provide repairs, replacements, restoration, and more. We operate to help business owners keep their roofs in great condition. 

Also, we strive to provide honest prices and great customer service to our clients. Roofing is already an expensive business without unnecessary costs added to the bills. We don’t want our clients to feel exploited for cash. Each contractor earns their paycheck with quality, efficient work. In summary, if you have a flat roof need, call us for help! We are experienced and friendly contractors who can help you with anything you need.

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We’re prepared to provide you with a fair and competitive estimate for Flat Roofing Installation, Repair, or Restoration. We are …

Our Guarantee

Sacramento Flat Roofing Our Guarantee
The crew working on your Sacramento Flat Roof is fully certified, trained, and educated in the latest techniques and safety requirements. Our reputation is built on you! Because of this, if you and your company are not fully pleased with the services we provide, we WILL make it right – at no extra cost to you. Above all, at Sacramento Flat Roofing, we want each and every client to be fully satisfied. To accomplish this, we developed our signature satisfaction guarantee!

We Guarantee Quality Service, Every Time!

Each one of our commercial roofing jobs is unique in its own way. Our quality of service, however, will not change from job to job. No matter what your flat roofing need is, we want to make sure that you are happy with the results of our services. Therefore, our quality guarantee states that if you are unsatisfied with any part of the completed roofing job we provide, from products to roofer interaction, we will make it right. We want you to know that we truly care about our customers. We don’t just take the paycheck and bail!

A Company Built on Accountability

From the beginning of Sacramento Flat Roofing’s existence, we have always prioritized our customers’ satisfaction. We stay accountable to one another, and to you! Our guarantee of customer satisfaction shows our willingness to own mistakes, and to fix them accordingly. Although we strive to complete mistake-free jobs, no roofer is entirely perfect. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to honest business. If we see a problem with our work, we will make sure it gets fixed. Likewise, we will be accountable to our clients as well! If you see any part of your roof looks amiss, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will take a look and fix any errors at no extra cost to you.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re looking for a commercial flat roofing company that’s all about satisfaction and quality results, we may be a great match for you. At Sacramento Flat Roofing, we only use the best materials and methods so we can back up our quality guarantee with results. We can help our clients with flat roof repair, replacement, and restoration. Additionally, we provide quality inspections and leak detection for business owners. We want your roof to be in the best condition it can be. Sacramento’s harsh sun and heat isn’t great for commercial roofs, so we can help you find out whether yours needs some care. If you call us or fill out our free quote form, we can check out your flat roof! All in all, our goal is to serve our customers well. We hope that you will consider us to take care of all of your commercial flat roofing needs!

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What We Do

You may be wondering what we do here at Sacramento Flat Roofing. We service all types of Flat Roofs in Sacramento and the greater Sacramento area. We will significantly extend the life expectancy of your roof with Our Services: PVC, EPDM, TPO, Modified Bitumen, BUR, Silicone Roof Coatings, and so much more! 
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We’re prepared to provide you with a fair and competitive estimate for Flat Roofing Installation, Repair, or Restoration. We are …

Trusted Flat Roofing Contractor in Sacramento, California

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say Sacramento Flat Roofing
We strive everyday to be the kind of company we can be proud of, the kind of company that earns your trust, and goes the extra mile for our customers! We believe that we are that kind of company, but don’t just take our word for it, read a few of our client’s reviews, and see what our clients say! Our customers are what makes us strive to be the very best Flat Roofing Experts in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

Igor and his team was very professional and very reasonable with price. We went with the 50 year comp material and love the look and protection for my home. Thank you Igor I would definitely recommend business to you and your team!

Kenneth Monceaux


Great team, quick turn around, amazing customer service. They’ve done several jobs for me and so far I love it. They use high-quality products with extended warranties. A+

Andrey Petrin


Excellent service, my roof developed a serious leak and they sent a technician out right away to access. He came fully prepared and was able to put a temporary patch to stop any further damage. He took pictures and reported back to Igor who was able to give me several options for a permanent solution. I chose to redo the roof with white silicon and applied to get a rebate from SMUD as well. Igor and his team are professional, experienced and well priced. I highly recommend their service and could not be more satisfied.

E Torres


I’ve worked with Igor and Vlad for years on different projects. They are absolutely as good as it gets! They quickly provide me with an estimate and then perform the job on time and on budget. I’ll never use another company. Thanks guys for taking such pride in your craft!

Brian Bradford

Cornerstone Construction

Get a Free Estimate

We’re prepared to provide you with a fair and competitive free estimate for Flat Roofing Installation, Repair, or Restoration. We are also pleased to provide no-cost Inspections and Reports. Here at Sacramento Flat Roofing, we know our commercial clients want to be as money-smart as possible. That’s why we offer free estimates for every one of our clients! We want you to be pleased with the services you receive, but we don’t want you to be shocked by the price tag. 

What’s In A Free Estimate?

You may wonder what to expect with your free estimate from Sacramento Flat Roofing. Not to worry, though! Here’s a quick look at what goes into our detailed and accurate estimates. We provide them at absolutely no cost to our clients, so they can find out exactly what our services entail.

  • Materials: We make sure to use quality materials in all of our roofing projects. Because our high-quality materials cost more than poor quality, they are factored into our estimate. Based on the kind of materials your roofing requires, your estimate may be lower or higher accordingly.
  • Repairs: If your commercial flat roof has significant damage, the project will take longer to complete. Also, we will need more materials to replace the damaged portions. Naturally, your estimate will be higher due to labor and material costs.
  • Labor: The largest part of any bill will be the labor costs. We pay our workers fairly for the amount of work they do. In your free estimate, we will factor in the amount of workers and the amount of time your project will take.
  • Cleanup/Trash Removal: Usually, our jobs will require renting a dumpster and transporting waste to a proper disposal location. These transportation and rental costs are also included in your estimate.
  • More: Any other extra costs that we predict will be necessary will also be part of your commercial flat roofing estimate. As soon as we properly calculate the cost of your estimate, we will provide you with your free estimate!

Why Do We Offer Free Estimates?

Often, the question most clients will ask us about our free estimates is, “What’s the catch?” In business, people rarely expect anything for free. However, we found many benefits in providing free estimates to our customers! Here’s a breakdown of how a free commercial flat roofing estimate benefits both us and our customers.

  1. It helps you get to know us. Often, a roofing estimate is the first way we communicate with potential clients. During the process of coming up with the estimate, we will be able to get to know each other. In this part of the project, you can easily tell that we are knowledgeable and organized. When you weigh the pros and cons of the roofing companies you’re considering, you’ll be able to accurately judge who to choose.
  2. It allows for price comparisons. Our business-savvy commercial clients understand the importance of price checking for all services. Although pricing shouldn’t be the only factor affecting your choice of roofer, it does play a role! That’s why we offer estimates for free. You can find out our prices without initially spending any money.
  3. You can accurately form expectations about pricing. If this happens to be your first commercial flat roofing project, you may not know what to expect from our pricing. With our free estimate, you don’t have to commit anything to find out what our services will cost you. We don’t want our clients to be surprised by the sticker price of roofing services. Our free estimates will show you how much you can expect to invest in the roofing project you need done!

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