Free Estimate in Sacramento CA
We’re prepared to provide you with a fair and competitive free estimate for Flat Roofing Installation, Repair, or Restoration. We are also pleased to provide no-cost Inspections and Reports. Here at Sacramento Flat Roofing, we know our commercial clients want to be as money-smart as possible. That’s why we offer free estimates for every one of our clients! We want you to be pleased with the services you receive, but we don’t want you to be shocked by the price tag. 

What’s In A Free Estimate?

You may wonder what to expect with your free estimate from Sacramento Flat Roofing. Not to worry, though! Here’s a quick look at what goes into our detailed and accurate estimates. We provide them at absolutely no cost to our clients, so they can find out exactly what our services entail.

  • Materials: We make sure to use quality materials in all of our roofing projects. Because our high-quality materials cost more than poor quality, they are factored into our estimate. Based on the kind of materials your roofing requires, your estimate may be lower or higher accordingly.
  • Repairs: If your commercial flat roof has significant damage, the project will take longer to complete. Also, we will need more materials to replace the damaged portions. Naturally, your estimate will be higher due to labor and material costs.
  • Labor: The largest part of any bill will be the labor costs. We pay our workers fairly for the amount of work they do. In your free estimate, we will factor in the amount of workers and the amount of time your project will take.
  • Cleanup/Trash Removal: Usually, our jobs will require renting a dumpster and transporting waste to a proper disposal location. These transportation and rental costs are also included in your estimate.
  • More: Any other extra costs that we predict will be necessary will also be part of your commercial flat roofing estimate. As soon as we properly calculate the cost of your estimate, we will provide you with your free estimate!

Why Do We Offer Free Estimates?

Often, the question most clients will ask us about our free estimates is, “What’s the catch?” In business, people rarely expect anything for free. However, we found many benefits in providing free estimates to our customers! Here’s a breakdown of how a free commercial flat roofing estimate benefits both us and our customers.

  1. It helps you get to know us. Often, a roofing estimate is the first way we communicate with potential clients. During the process of coming up with the estimate, we will be able to get to know each other. In this part of the project, you can easily tell that we are knowledgeable and organized. When you weigh the pros and cons of the roofing companies you’re considering, you’ll be able to accurately judge who to choose.
  2. It allows for price comparisons. Our business-savvy commercial clients understand the importance of price checking for all services. Although pricing shouldn’t be the only factor affecting your choice of roofer, it does play a role! That’s why we offer estimates for free. You can find out our prices without initially spending any money.
  3. You can accurately form expectations about pricing. If this happens to be your first commercial flat roofing project, you may not know what to expect from our pricing. With our free estimate, you don’t have to commit anything to find out what our services will cost you. We don’t want our clients to be surprised by the sticker price of roofing services. Our free estimates will show you how much you can expect to invest in the roofing project you need done!

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