Flat Roof Leak Detection

Our team of experts at Sacramento Flat Roofing are your Flat Roof Leak Detection professionals in the Sacramento, California area. Flat roof leaks are a little more tricky to locate due to the fact that water can enter one spot and not express itself inside until it is far away from the leak. Flat roofs allow the leak to travel in any direction from the leak point. That is why you want to hire the professionals at Sacramento Flat Roofing for all of your flat roofing jobs.

Leaks are pesky issues no matter the size, so don’t hesitate to call Sacramento Flat Roofing with any of your flat roof leaking concerns. Roof Leaks can damage building assets and inventory. They can also create an unpleasant environment for your tenants, employees, and others. If you suspect you have a flat roof leak in the Sacramento area, give us a call. We can expertly detect any leaks that may be happening on your flat roof. We understand that your business needs to remain fully operational during our investigation, we won’t hinder that in any way.

If you suspect a leaky roof, give us a call and let us check it out. Problems from a leaky roof spread fast, so you want to get it taken care of quickly. The professionals at Sacramento Flat Roofing can make sure that it is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few of the problems that can occur from small leaks:

  • Insulation Damage- Insulation is usually the first thing that water comes into contact with, and it starts just as soon as the leak begins. Insulation absorbs water which disables is from doing its job. Heat or Cold can come through your wet insulation, causing energy costs to rise. And that is just the beginning of the problems to come.
  • Building Structure Damage- Once the water has successfully made its way through the insulation, it begins to damage anything that it comes into contact with. Water damage will create water stains in ceiling tiles, damage the wood in the roofing structure, and metal roofing materials will rust.
  • Toxic Mold- Toxic mold can result behind the walls and in the ceiling, causing health and safety hazards for you and the other occupants of your building. Mold inspection and removal is an expensive and lengthy process.
  • Insects- A wet commercial roof attracts unwanted insects that can cause more problems. Termites, cockroaches, ants and even rats are all attracted to water damaged buildings.

The Right Professional Flat Roof Leak Detection

Roof leaks are not to be taken lightly. Catastrophic damage and even roof failure can result from even the smallest leaks. This is why it is so important to reap the benefits of our leak detection services in the Sacramento area. Once we have located the leak, commercial roof restoration systems can be installed to prevent the leak from occurring again.

Don’t wait for a leak to turn into a huge problem. Call us today and schedule you Flat Roof Leak Detection Service.

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