Flat Roof Replacement in Sacramento CA

Sacramento Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Replacement for Businesses and Industries in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding cities is now more Energy Efficient and Cost Efficient than ever. Flat Roofs have a tendency to require more maintenance and repair work, and in the long run, costing the company with high electric bills. Wear and tear on flat roofs under the hot California sun can cause substantial damage. With Sacramento Flat Roofing, we will put an end to High Energy Bills with our Energy Efficient Flat Roofing Replacement methods.

An Innovative method of Commercial or Residential Flat Roofing is what we offer to Business and Home Owners. Single Ply Roof Systems are a Higher Quality of Product and offer Solar Reflective Properties. With Solar Reflective Properties installed on your Commercial Property, you will witness Cooler roofs, cooler buildings, and lower energy costs.

Sacramento Flat Roofing is certified in Commercial Roof Replacement. We only employ Roofing Contractors that are Skilled and have multiple years of experience under their belt. Our Sacramento Team of Certified Commercial Roofing Contractors will evaluate your Flat Roof and begin work as soon as you are ready.

Need to work around a specific schedule because of customers? Not a problem. We will work around your schedule, not affecting or discomforting your patrons in any way.

Sacramento Flat Roofing has partnered with a multitude of different Business Venues for Flat Roof Replacement. We are happy to service:

  • Hospital Flat Roof Replacement
  • School Roof Replacement
  • University Roof Replacement
  • Restaurant Flat Roof Replacement
  • Retail Roof Replacement
  • Non Profit Roof Replacement
  • Houses of Worship Flat Roof Replacement
  • Airport Roof Replacement
  • Hotel Roof Replacement
  • Sporting Complex Roof Replacement
  • Any Business Venue

On-Site Estimates

Call us today to set up a Free No Obligation Estimate for Roofing Work. Our Offices are open during the week at (916) 619-3155. You can also reach us using the simple form on the right. By submitting it, our team will receive your information and you will be contacted soon.

Sacramento’s Flat Roofing Solutions

Replacing an entire roofing system can be expensive. Sacramento Flat Roofing provides cost-efficient roof coating systems, which is an alternative to the traditional roof replacement option.  Our durable roofing systems offer many benefits over the competition:

  • Creating a waterproof and seamless layer over the existing roof
  • Cheaper than competition roof replacement and more durable
  • Can extend the life of your roof
  • Minimal to no tear-off procedure involved
  • Withstands storm damage, fire and UV exposure
  • New membrane adjusts to changing temperatures
  • Reflects a majority of the sun’s rays
  • Can greatly reduce yearly A/C costs
  • Proven durability & solid longevity
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Can be recoated for a longer lifespan
  • Renewable warranty options

Roof replacement leaves a landfill with a notable amount of debris. According to the EPA, 40% of total landfill waste comes from construction and demolition work related debris. Roofing materials accounts for a quarter of that. The liquid-applied coating system covers the existing roof and eliminates the need for a roof tear-off, which lessens the project’s environmental impact.